Artificial intelligence as a saviour

20 October 2021
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20 October 2021 Editor-in-Chief

Artificial intelligence as a saviour

Everyone is talking about the importance of developing artificial intelligence systems. Why actually? Artificial intelligence is supposed to make it easier to cope with the daily flood of information or to optimise business processes.

However, the development is characterised by the impatience of companies to have artificial intelligence ready for immediate use. This opens a fantastic opportunity for developers to take over the systems and software of any company. No company today understands its data and networked digital business processes.

They stand helplessly in front of the daily flood of data, colourful images they call analytics and still act like they did in the 1990s. Machine learning is seen as the saviour and artificial intelligence developers as the future CTO, CIO and CDOs. When will there be the first chief artificial intelligence officers who use cognitive computing and predictive analysis to centrally control all business processes and make all other C-level managers dispensable?

Artificial intelligence and the consequences of political inaction

The so-called political elite is only superficially concerned with this issue. Already today, companies exist that can cause mass layoffs in companies through their AI systems.

Artificial intelligence will not create new jobs but will develop into an autonomous economic construct that will act independently and with enormous speed on the market.

Many players will only realise too late that artificial intelligence is the wrong term – it is a different intelligence that will be served and developed by specialists through new paradigms and language, as well as grammar. Developers of such systems will agree with me that such systems can form a symbiosis with oneself in thinking and acting with reality. And what will the reality of trade and the economy look like in a few years? There will be a symbiosis between these systems and their developers, who will then be emotionally and cognitively superior to any manager thanks to blockchain, quantum computers, artificial intelligence, and enormous computing power. But in the meantime, this other intelligence is spreading too quickly in digital networks to be able to stop it.

Good for us developers.

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