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SocializerHub® AI: Local AI for the web presence

Today, the web presence of companies is regarded as their business card in the digital world. Despite social media, a company’s website has not lost its importance. But the demands of visitors to a website have increased more and more over the last two years. Companies that produce little content of their own for their target groups are feeling this more and more.

The importance of own and third-party content

Own content (blog posts, social media news, etc.) is becoming increasingly important, especially in times of the GDPR. If a company wants to draw attention to itself and increase interaction with its target groups, an optimized mix of its own and third-party content must continuously provide interesting messages and contributions. A press release has long since ceased to be sufficient to attract attention. What is needed is opinion leadership and interaction with so-called influencer networks in order to convey familiarity and seriousness. However, companies and especially the marketing department quickly learn what it means to provide new and interesting information for target groups on various digital platforms on a daily basis. Read more