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Content marketing, storytelling and the battle with AI algorithms

Google and AI algorithms – The daily battle for bloggers and authors

In online marketing, there are always discussions about whether and how you can successfully integrate content marketing on your own blog or website. In this context, two Google algorithms keep popping up in the discussion: Panda and Hummingbird. Although these two algorithms belong to Google’s company secrets, Google itself repeatedly gives hints on how good (!) content can be written.

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Marketing in the Battle with the emerging cognitive era

Sensors as harbingers of the cognitive era in our lives

In recent years, we have become accustomed to invisible sensors helping us everywhere. We experience this right now when we sit in our car and in many situations, it glances, or a sound alerts us to a small mistake of ours. We also leave it to these sensors to spread everywhere in the house. The heating is regulated or in the house smartphones and tablets take over the control of electrical appliances or even the alarm system. Self-driving – or autonomously driving – cars are under discussion, the first tests are even underway with large trucks, and we will have to get used to the fact that we will soon no longer need a driving licence, as the car of the future will become a data centre and autonomously drive us from point A to B.

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Content research powered by artificial intelligence

The QBITCRC AI Research Service for Editors can provide support here. When registering as ABELARO editors-in-chief, keywords as well as a list of websites that are used for the daily work as an editor are requested. These can be used to provide a corresponding syndication of third-party content for editors. Social networks as well as websites and portals are searched for suitable external content and made available (content wall).

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QBITCRC WORKPLACE digital working environment for businesses

QBITCRC WORKPLACE is the central CRM web platform for our customers and partners. The SaaS platform was designed as a digital working environment for contact management, contract and invoice management and project management. At its core, WORKPLACE is purely transaction-oriented and can therefore link any type of business process. Internally, this is also done through the connection to the QBITCRC blockchain, which makes it possible to clearly track all transactions, connect to content monetisation (STEEM.IT) and OpenSea (NFTs). Likewise, e-shop systems can be conveniently managed and operationally supported here. The WORKPLACE is multilingual and multi-client capable. The WORKPLACE aims to set new standards in cooperation with customers and partners.

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E-Commerce Websites for Small Businesses

In first World countries the Internet is now a huge part of our everyday life. We use it at work, and we use it at home. It is all around us. A person from a First World country would be in a minority if they said they had not paid for anything across the Internet or bought a product or service online through an E-Commerce store. In an August 2007 study it was found that in Europe, in 2020, residents in European Nations spent $335 Billion Euros through E-Commerce Websites. In the next 5 years the amount spent through E-Commerce Websites is set to increase by 25% per annum to an estimated $608 Billion Euros by 2023. It should be noted this only covers Europe and does not factor in the US, Asia, and other emerging regions, which would easily double or triple those figures.

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The QBITCRC METAVERSE continues to grow. As from today, our customers can book a central editorial service with us.

This QBITCRC METAVERSE marketing service offers authors, editors, theme editors, social media managers and content marketers a global editorial interface to produce any digital content for their own website or our business portal.

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