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Google and AI Algorithms – The Daily Struggle for Bloggers and Authors

In online marketing, there are always discussions about whether and how you can successfully integrate content marketing on your own blog or website. Here, two Google algorithms appear repeatedly in the discussion: Panda and Hummingbird. Although these two algorithms belong to Google’s company secrets, Google itself also gives hints repeatedly on how good (!) content can be written.

Google has wanted to bring about a change in thinking since 2013 (and increasingly since 2017): Content should be of high quality, instead of pure information now also contain applicable knowledge and banish pure SEO optimized texts and articles in search results. Of course, the keywords that specify the article and let it be classified continue to play a weighty role. But keywords and backlinks will lose importance soon. Furthermore, Google has declared war on article spammers. Thus, Google introduced further criteria, so that the article quality – from view of Google – rises. Google speaks in this connection of reader-specific criteria. With this specification, knowledge-oriented elements are to be integrated in contributions, reports, and articles, which have a added value for the reader.

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Can I increase the efficiency of my marketing through marketing automation?

Marketing automation is on everyone’s lips in this age of social networks and marketing web platforms. Marketing automation refers to software platforms for marketing departments of companies that integrate recurring marketing campaigns and tasks into their business processes in an automated way. It is hoped that the use of software will increase efficiency and eliminate sources of error. Originally focused on email marketing automation, marketing automation today also refers to powerful analytics tools for (inbound) marketing.

Marketing automation software helps marketers and businesses in four broad areas:

  • Development and analysis of marketing campaigns
  • Management and optimization of marketing campaigns
  • Storage and analysis of customer data
  • Evaluation and assignment of interest groups

Typically, CRM systems, landing pages, automation software and email platforms are used for campaign management as well as for analysis. Currently, such platforms are used in German-speaking countries, especially by large companies and corporations. The typical medium-sized business (SME) is still in a phase of evaluating these software systems.

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SocializerHub® AI: Local AI for the web presence

Today, the web presence of companies is regarded as their business card in the digital world. Despite social media, a company’s website has not lost its importance. But the demands of visitors to a website have increased more and more over the last two years. Companies that produce little content of their own for their target groups are feeling this more and more.

The importance of own and third-party content

Own content (blog posts, social media news, etc.) is becoming increasingly important, especially in times of the GDPR. If a company wants to draw attention to itself and increase interaction with its target groups, an optimized mix of its own and third-party content must continuously provide interesting messages and contributions. A press release has long since ceased to be sufficient to attract attention. What is needed is opinion leadership and interaction with so-called influencer networks in order to convey familiarity and seriousness. However, companies and especially the marketing department quickly learn what it means to provide new and interesting information for target groups on various digital platforms on a daily basis. Read more