Can I increase the efficiency of my marketing through marketing automation?

February 15, 2021
February 15, 2021 Editor

Can I increase the efficiency of my marketing through marketing automation?

Marketing automation is on everyone’s lips in this age of social networks and marketing web platforms. Marketing automation refers to software platforms for marketing departments of companies that integrate recurring marketing campaigns and tasks into their business processes in an automated way. It is hoped that the use of software will increase efficiency and eliminate sources of error. Originally focused on email marketing automation, marketing automation today also refers to powerful analytics tools for (inbound) marketing.

Marketing automation software helps marketers and businesses in four broad areas:

  • Development and analysis of marketing campaigns
  • Management and optimization of marketing campaigns
  • Storage and analysis of customer data
  • Evaluation and assignment of interest groups

Typically, CRM systems, landing pages, automation software and email platforms are used for campaign management as well as for analysis. Currently, such platforms are used in German-speaking countries, especially by large companies and corporations. The typical medium-sized business (SME) is still in a phase of evaluating these software systems.

A study by “Software Advice” confirms exciting potential for marketing automation

The web platform of Software Advice, which is known for offering companies support in the selection of software, provides good assistance. In a study there, the most important systems and software platforms in the field of marketing automation were examined. The overview “Compare Marketing Automation Systems” shows the most key features of these systems. There you can also find assistance in the form of white papers and studies on pricing and selection criteria.

Overall, Software Advice reports in its study that although many companies today use social media marketing for new customer acquisition, they hardly use the possibilities to support such processes in an automated way (only 6% of the companies surveyed).

What do experts say about marketing automation?

“The pressure on marketing departments will continue to increase enormously, as more and more marketing channels for acquisition and customer retention are already available today. The problems of segmentation and personalized customer dialog are constantly increasing. Precisely because of this, every marketing department will soon need to be able to reliably analyze and evaluate the amount of data generated by such interactions.”

David Raab, owner of Raab Associates, Inc.
“Our data shows that companies using marketing automation particularly value analytics capabilities. Analytics functionality is one of the core features of any marketing automation software. With meaningful data from analytics, marketing messages can be better personalized in the future to better meet the demands of (potential) consumers.”

Derek Singleton, Business Analyst
Software Advice’s study methodology
The results presented in the study are based on an analysis of 896 consumers and their interactions with marketing automation software. Consumers were asked about key features, how they use them, and their experiences. Only 9% of the respondents use such software systems themselves. Thus, there is exciting potential, especially for medium-sized businesses, in terms of optimizing online marketing processes.

Marketing automation with SocializerHub® services

One aspect that the study only mentions in passing concerns the marketing automation of social media channels. Especially in medium-sized businesses, social media communication is still strongly neglected as an element of corporate communication. One of the reasons for this is that the corresponding resources or knowledge in this marketing environment are not available. This is where the SocializerHub® services create new opportunities through automation.

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