Assistance in the content marketing workflow through AI

20 October 2021
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20 October 2021 Editor-in-Chief

Assistance in the content marketing workflow through AI

Today, the web presence of companies is considered a business card in the digital world. Despite social media, a company’s website has not lost its importance. But the demands of visitors to a website have increased more in the last two years. Companies that produce little of their own content for their target groups are feeling this more.

The importance of own and third-party content

Own content (blog posts, social media news, etc.) is becoming increasingly important. If a company wants to draw attention to itself and increase interaction with target groups, it must be continuously supplied with interesting news and contributions through an optimised mix of own and third-party content. For a long time now, a press release has not been enough to attract attention. What is needed is opinion leadership and interaction with so-called influencer networks to convey awareness and respectability. But companies, and here especially the marketing department, quickly learn what it means to provide new and interesting information for the target groups daily on the most diverse digital platforms.

Digital marketing services – also remote

Our digital marketing services offer the possibility to provide digital articles, news and PR messages combined with promotions and advertising optimised for different digital platforms.

But to increase the demands of a website visitor and at the same time increase satisfaction (and thus retention time), our digital marketing services integrate local artificial intelligence directly on the web server.

Artificial intelligence for content marketing

If you read articles about artificial intelligence today, the terms “machine learning”, “deep learning” and “cognitive computing” come up a lot. There is talk of entities, semantic analyses of texts, images and videos and the automation of workflows. This is intended to increase the efficiency and productivity of a content producer.

Our services use machine learning and entity building for the optimisation of target group specific content. This results in a significantly better SEO of your website and thus the visibility in the World Wide Web. Our approach is to be seen as a support for content marketing specialists and not as a substitute for them. Texts created by a human editor are still perceived by people as more authentic. However, the tedious work of keyword optimisation and other SEO techniques is eliminated, allowing content marketers to focus much more on their real strengths: Developing informative posts.

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