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1 June 2022 Editor-in-Chief

The QBITCRC AI Research Service for Editors can provide support here. When registering as ABELARO editors-in-chief, keywords as well as a list of websites that are used for the daily work as an editor are requested. These can be used to provide a corresponding syndication of third-party content for editors. Social networks as well as websites and portals are searched for suitable external content and made available (content wall).

Editorial planning can then be supported in the search for and selection of third-party content. However, editorial planning should be carried out according to the following strategy.

  • 50% Self-content: basis for modern corporate communication
  • 20% External content: basis for modern knowledge communication
  • 20% Storytelling: Explainer videos, social media content and infographics
  • 10% Digital branding: Individual and personal communication e.g., CEO


Although the most successful bloggers and news portal operators now only publish 20% of third-party content on their portals, researching this 20% takes up almost 70% of the time.

This is where QBITCRC AI Research comes in, by taking over this 70% work from an artificial intelligence, thus freeing up time for creative work. The individual news streams provided by this research tool are then used for editorial purposes and/or parts of them are also used in the blog area of ABELARO.NET. This so-called content wall function has already proven itself as an effective productivity tool in dozens of projects.













But that is not all. Overall, the news streams are searchable via a full-text search and with one click the source opens automatically. Likes, retweets or even sending by e-mail can also be triggered in social networks.

Social media posting can also be realized directly via the Content Wall. Each editorial team thus has the possibility to provide its topic area with high-quality content. Of course, it is up to the editor-in-chief to exclude the content; this is done with just one click.

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