Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence

Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence

Our framework for digital transformation

Content marketing, inbound marketing, digital communication, real time marketing and online advertising are just a few of the keywords that have become very important in the marketing of small and large companies. Developments on the market and in the individual sectors show, however, that concepts such as Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0, Work Environment 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) already influence a company’s marketing and sales more strongly than generally assumed. Meeting these future requirements is and will remain the challenge, especially for company-wide information management, corporate management and communication and marketing.

Artificial Intelligence – A New Approach to Analysis and Implementation

In the many years of our consulting experience in the field of information systems, web portals and marketing support in these areas, we have found that the current communication flows and structures, the implemented communication strategy and the data already collected need to be re-evaluated, analysed and optimized. Among other things, cognitive analyses and methods help to equip optimized digital communication with possibilities and to learn by means of real-time interactions. The information flows and the interactions within e. g. social networks are used for continuous optimization. Digital biotopes, as we call them, are organisms that are influenced by lifestyle, social (digital) environments, business and politics.

Digital transformation means learning what moves target groups in real time, how influencers lead dialogues in networks and what is already visible in future trends through these interactions. That’s why we focus on constantly delivering optimized content and supporting marketing departments to build information models and infrastructures in social networks that are uncommonly automated and used effectively by AI systems. It goes without saying that our data and social media analyses provide key figures, but they are supplemented by descriptions of the personas (personalities) that really exist in these networks. Or don’t you want to know who really communicates with you and with what motivation?


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