Marketing Trends: 7 Trends in B2B Content Marketing

Current studies on B2B content marketing and the latest research results show 7 trends for the current financial year that online marketing specialists should take into account. The central task of content marketing in the B2B sector is to generate leads and improve customer loyalty. The list below is a brief summary of the results from various institutes.

Trend 1: Content marketing becomes a strategic marketing tool in B2B content marketing

As with other digital marketing strategies of recent years, such as some social media marketing, B2B content marketing is increasingly determined by the strategy. As the research results of the B2B marketers (USA) show, content marketing is seen as a medium and long-term method, high-quality information for lead generation and customer loyalty.

Trend 2: Integration of content marketing as a method to make the brand a tangible experience

The central task of B2B content marketing has become to inspire both existing customers and prospective customers for the brand, as high-quality information generates added value from the point of view of customers and prospective customers (customer value proposition concept).

Trend 3: Structured evaluation of content marketing content

Just as important as in social media marketing, it will be to analyze the impact of content using appropriate tools. A market with interesting analysis methods is currently emerging. All content is assigned a target value per visit and page and its relative effectiveness. This will make it necessary to consider the effectiveness of content marketing and social media marketing as a whole. In the future, methods from marketing automation, the analysis of personal follower profiles and the reaction to e-newsletters and e-book marketing will become increasingly important.

Trend 4: Development of new content formats

In content marketing – especially due to the discussions triggered by Google about the re-evaluation of keywords and content – a trend can be observed which sees the content of the future in the direction of “solution orientation for the reader”. This means that content is written in such a way that the interested party or customer recognizes added value by describing solution approaches on the website or in the mobile Internet.

Trend 5: Growing importance of mobile marketing

The increasing importance of access to information from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is already reflected in the rapid development of mobile marketing tools. Due to the almost unchecked growth of these end devices and their importance as second screens, mobile content will also gain importance in B2B content marketing.

Trend 6: Expansion in payment options

Paid content offers the possibility of micro-targeting. This method is becoming more and more important because it allows the individual measurement of added value and binding elements. Different target groups can already be better and more effectively tied to a brand via the added value.

Trend 7: Integration of influencers to improve reach

Content is becoming more and more individual (e.g. through the integration of social channels) and adaptable to current trends. Reach can only be improved if, for example, influencers of customers can be included in the dissemination of information. This will be a particular challenge for B2B marketers.

The year 2019 will show whether and which of the trends will prevail effectively and profitably. B2B content marketing will play a central role here.




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