23 November 2021
23 November 2021 Editor-in-Chief

The QBITCRC METAVERSE continues to grow. As from today, our customers can book a central editorial service with us.

This QBITCRC METAVERSE marketing service offers authors, editors, theme editors, social media managers and content marketers a global editorial interface to produce any digital content for their own website or our business portal.

We further support all editorial teams with optional research databases. For this purpose, our Global Editor Office works with its own search engine, which can be configured and adapted by the editor-in-chief. This allows the editorial offices to access a large pool of news from the internet and eliminates the tedious research.

We support our customers of thematic and business editorial offices with a comprehensive service and support package. We support our customers from specialist and business editorial departments with a comprehensive service and support package. Editors can also access a community of chief editors, photographers, designers and scientists. The plan is to continue marketing digital assets as NFTs. This will be possible early next year.

We are already looking forward to collaborating with you. You are welcome to request a webinar from us at metaverse@qbitcrc.solutions.

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