QBitCRC Solutions LTD: Growth through synergy

QBitCRC Solutions LTD: Growth through synergy

QBitCRC Solutions Ltd has recently become a member of AIFINITY HOLDING LIMITED. This will make it possible to further and faster expand the portfolio of IT and information infrastructure services. In the coming months, the expansion of the data centre in England, Scotland and the DACH region will be further expanded. The focus here is on scalable SmartData infrastructures with the aim of offering cognitive computing platforms for every size of the company. Scalability and the degree of innovation will be a decisive competitive advantage. International cooperations with Socialpilot, USA, among others, will offer growth in the area of social media services, especially in the DACH region. SocializerHub(R) technologies offer the basis for further innovations for the market of digital marketing services.


The future is exciting and QBitCRC Solutions LTD together with AIFINITY HOLDING LIMITED will place further innovations on the market for digital services in 2018 and 2019.




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