QBITCRC WORKPLACE digital working environment for businesses

21 January 2022
21 January 2022 Editor-in-Chief

QBITCRC WORKPLACE is the central CRM web platform for our customers and partners. The SaaS platform was designed as a digital working environment for contact management, contract and invoice management and project management. At its core, WORKPLACE is purely transaction-oriented and can therefore link any type of business process. Internally, this is also done through the connection to the QBITCRC blockchain, which makes it possible to clearly track all transactions, connect to content monetisation (STEEM.IT) and OpenSea (NFTs). Likewise, e-shop systems can be conveniently managed and operationally supported here. The WORKPLACE is multilingual and multi-client capable. The WORKPLACE aims to set new standards in cooperation with customers and partners.

What are the functions of the QBITCRC WORKPLACE?

Our QBITCRC WORKPLACE solution is much more than just a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system The QBITCRC WORKPLACE solution is much more than just a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for managing customers and prospects. Of course, customers and their contacts can be managed, prospects (leads) can be tracked automatically and optimally managed via milestones using a project management system with tasks and to-do management.

Many additional business management functions, such as invoices, transactions, project expenses, subscriptions, online products from e-shops and contract management are also integrated, as is a service and support system with a connected knowledge base. The WORKPLACE can be extended to integrate special requirements.

How can I use the QBITCRC WORKPLACE?

Every client of QBITCRC SOLUTIONS gets access to the WORKPLACE to track projects, participate interactively and view contracts and invoices online.

Partners of QBITCRC SOLUTIONS receive extended access to our system to centrally manage functions such as e-shop management, content management and landing pages from there. Partners also get access to beta versions and extended access to our knowledge base.

Can I purchase QBITCRC WORKSPACE as a white label?

Yes! QBITCRC WORKPLACE can also be implemented as a white label with your own branding on your web platform.

Interested? Then send us an e-mail or use our contact form. We look forward to your enquiries.


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