SocializerHub® AI: Local AI for the web presence

October 14, 2016 Editor

SocializerHub® AI: Local AI for the web presence

Today, the web presence of companies is regarded as their business card in the digital world. Despite social media, a company’s website has not lost its importance. But the demands of visitors to a website have increased more and more over the last two years. Companies that produce little content of their own for their target groups are feeling this more and more.

The importance of own and third-party content

Own content (blog posts, social media news, etc.) is becoming increasingly important, especially in times of the GDPR. If a company wants to draw attention to itself and increase interaction with its target groups, an optimized mix of its own and third-party content must continuously provide interesting messages and contributions. A press release has long since ceased to be sufficient to attract attention. What is needed is opinion leadership and interaction with so-called influencer networks in order to convey familiarity and seriousness. However, companies and especially the marketing department quickly learn what it means to provide new and interesting information for target groups on various digital platforms on a daily basis.

SocializerHub® Services for Social Media Marketing

SocializerHub® services already offer the possibility to continuously deliver your digital contributions, news and PR messages combined with promotions and advertising optimized on various digital platforms. Here, the time of publication and the online platform for publication (social media channel, blog post, etc.) is automatically supplied with own and third-party content via an online editorial department. Thus SocializerHub® services increase the efficiency and productivity of digital communication.

Local SocializerHub® AI Services for the web presence

But to satisfy the needs of a website visitor on the one hand and to increase the satisfaction (and thus the length of stay) on the other hand, the SocializerHub® Services now offer local artificial intelligence supporting services that provide a significant increase in added value for website visitors.

Analysis and optimization of the contribution, automated creation of additional content and target group oriented image search

If one reads articles about artificial intelligence today, the terms “machine learning”, “deep learning” and “cognitive computing” come up very often. One speaks of entities, semantic analyses of texts, images and videos and the automation of workflows. This is intended to increase the efficiency and productivity of a content producer. Local SocializerHub® AI services now use the methods of text analysis as well as the semantic and grammatical understanding of texts and images (in the future also of videos) to offer the visitor and reader of articles and information on websites the optimal support for understanding – and this target group-oriented.

Automated optimization of your web presence

How would it be if a service for your web presence recognizes terms for which definitions are stored and automatically backs them up with trustworthy sources on the Internet along with a standard definition, selects images optimally and builds so-called entities (usually called keywords on the web) automatically and slowly turns your website into a knowledge database? This is exactly what the Local SocializerHub® AI Services do. Here the Local SocializerHub® AI Services are a much more effective assistance function, as pure syndication and curation of content from the Internet. Side effects of this method are on the one hand significantly better SEO of the website and automated optimization and enhancement of the content of a website.

Integration in Microsoft Office 365 workflows included

While some time ago artificial intelligence methods of the IBM Watson system were used for the SocializerHub® services, the new services are now not only centrally usable, but locally and optimized for your web presence. Attention During the new development, attention was paid to the fact that these services can be integrated to current and future requirements in the Microsoft Office 365 environment (Microsoft AI). The Local SocializerHub® AI services use interfaces (APIs) to the Office 365 environment to effectively integrate content workflows. With this, so-called SocializerHub® Content Wall News systems can be set up for practically any requirement and this in compliance with GDPR.

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